Top 10 Reasons A DealTeam Will Make Your Life Easier

To kick things off on the Deal Team topic this week, lets recap quickly what a DealTeam is.


Raising money is a journey and to make it a successful one, you need smart people around you to help you along the way. “DealTeam” is a term coined by INVESTyR to highlight a functioning working group dedicated to the success of the company. If you’re interested in learning more, click this link for a free promo code and access to ‘Finding & Assembling a DealTeam” on Udemy.


Lets break down the Top 10 Reasons a DealTeam Will Make Your Life Easier.


Drum-roll please…












Here we go,


The #10 reason. “Not all middlemen are created equal”. This is even true in the movie Goodfellas.


#9. You won’t have to ask your spouse to hold you accountable.


And number 8: Won’t have to ‘Solo’ a movie at the late night showing.


Number 7. Delegate everything you don’t know how to do, to someone MUCH smarter than YOU!


Number 6. A sounding board sounds a lot better when there is a voice on the other end.


Number 5. Tap into their networks, just think Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, but for finding investors.


Number 4. Majority of your recruits will be from your trusted “Inner Circle’. You can even call yourselves the “BAD BOYS” “BAD BOYS”.


And number 3. They’ll help you build key materials.  Cross out “Borrow Financial Modeling for Dummies” from the local book shop off your to-do list.


And number 2. Constantly pitching investors. You might be a technical founder. Nuff’ said.


And, the number 1 reason why a DealTeam Will Make Your Life Easier is…


1. If it doesn’t work out, you can just blame everyone else!


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