Throw out your pitch deck!

The advice we received from my mentor when practicing our pitch for Inspiration Medical Technology was “get rid of the presentation!”


I laughed. I had given that same advice to others and it was a reminder how humans naturally over rely on crutches like presentation materials to present a story.


Pitching full 215x130A pitch deck serves one purpose – to engage an audience in dialogue. And most people over rely on presentation materials to tell their story. That’s dangerous. Most presentation materials distract the audience from what matters most – the presenter!


People invest in people. People want to have conversations with people. Humans naturally dislike lectures. So don’t lecture potential investors, influencers, customers and employees with a pitch deck! Instead, tell people about why you are in business, how you do it, and what it is and let the conversation flow. And maybe you don’t even need any presentation materials to do that…

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