The Top 10 Companies That Have Raised the Most Money Using AngelList

AngelList is a platform for startup companies to be introduced with investors.  The following is a list of the top 10 companies that have raised money using AngelList.


1. SoFi- 77.2m Series B

SoFi offers community-based lending and consolidation programs to U.S. students.



2. BranchOut- 49m

The largest professional network on Facebook

3. Uber- 44.25m

Everyone’s Private Driver



4. Brammo- 41m

Tesla of Powersports



5. Voxer- 30m Series B

We give everyone the power to communicate on their own terms



6. Geostellar- 28.5m

Earth Intelligence for the New Energy Economy

7. Zefr- 28.5m

Legal movie, sports, TV, and music clips.



8. Identified- 21m Series B

LinkedIn for the Facebook Generation




9. Getaround- 17.3m

Airbnb for Cars



10. Leap Motion AKA OcuSpec- 14.05m

Kinect for everything



Jason Martin

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