Strengths of the DealTeam = Win

StrengthsFinderThe INVESTyR Team recently had the opportunity to spend a day learning from a team of StrengthsFinder experts. The Leadership Vision Consulting team helped us realize why we do what we do!


Our biggest takeaway? Any entrepreneur that is fundraising needs to understand the strengths of their DealTeam.


A key finding of the founders of StrengthsFinder is that we are a weakness focused society. We live in a world where billions of dollars are spent attempting to fix weaknesses. When you discover and focus on your strengths, your personal and business objectives are easier to achieve. This is true when raising capital. Entrepreneurs must focus their time on tasks that align with their strengths. That is why we promote the use of a DealTeam. Successful entrepreneurs assemble a DealTeam that covers the strengths required to successfully raise capital. If you don’t know how to do a financial model, get someone on your team that does. It’s too late to try to learn. Surround yourself with subject matter experts and get your deal done!


Go Get ‘Em!
Patrick Donohue

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