Resources About Building a Board of Directors at a Startup

There are TONS of blog posts, videos, and research grazing the internet talking about how to build a board of directors at a startup. I did a couple hours of research and compiled what I feel are the best resources on this topic.

To get things started, lets clear the air about the difference between an advisory board and a board of directors.

A Board of Directors is Not an Advisory Board












Below is a list of blogs and other sites with viewpoints on assembling a board of directors in a startup.
Building a Board of Directors for an Entrepreneurial Startup Business Venture



Jason Goldberg- CEO at
Managing the Board of Directors in a Startup
Building a Great Board



Fred Wilson’s Blog-VC at Union Square Ventures
How to Build a Good Board
The Board of Directors- Selecting, Electing & Evolving



Maveron-VC Firm
The Dream Team: What it Takes to Build an Effective Board of Directors



ATV Capital-VC Firm
14 Rules for Managing a Board of Directors



The Roach Post:

A CEO Guide to Creating An Effective Board Of Directors



Here are some videos, that may give you a better perspective.
Michael Dell

Dell on building an effective board of directors



Firas Raouf

Balanced Board



Forming and Managing a Board of Directors: (A little outdated, 2004, but still relevant)
Part 1 , Part 2



This case is very thorough at 27 pages and completed by business experts.
Harvard Business Review

How Serial Entrepreneurs Build and Manage a Board of Directors in a Venture-Backed Start Up ($6.95)



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