Receiving Feedback

Recently I gave a presentation and received feedback on my content and presentation style.  It was incredibly useful–especially the parts that were not all roses.  We need to get some positive feedback to get external validation to keep going.  Although as entrepreneurs we are probably going to keep going anyway if we think we are right and have the ability to create something new.












So when you are getting feedback here is what I suggest:
·         Get it from someone who can give it unvarnished.  You will get glossed over feedback if they think it will hurt your feelings.  You want to hear the real truth.  Find someone who will give it to you.
·         Get feedback from someone who understands the medium that you are trying to communicate across.  If you are giving a presentation, find someone who is a master at giving presentations.  They don’t have to be a master of your topic, instead they should understand the platform you are using to communicate.
·         Find out how you can have a more emotive connection with your audience.  If you don’t have them roped in personally, they will not spend brain time storing the details of your message.
Seek feedback often.  We meet with each of our clients on a weekly basis and we always rate each meeting on a scale of 1-10.  If it isn’t a 10, you need to provide feedback on what could make it better.  It is an easy way to get continuous feedback.  How can you develop a feedback cycle with what you do?



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