The Power of Great Advisory Boards

INVESTyR Advisory BoardToday INVESTyR had its advisory board meeting. I was reminded how valuable a good advisory board is to a growth company.
Building successful advisory boards is one of our educational modules. For some of the companies that complete our INVESTyR Academy, building an advisory board is one of the more valuable things they get out of our program. It is a key module in our educational platform because a highly functional advisory board can (and should) play a critical role when raising capital.
While I have studied how best to assemble and use advisory boards, I was reminded firsthand of the value they bring to an organization. We told our advisory board that we wanted: accountability, agile / real-time feedback, and validation of our work and vision. And sure enough, as we concluded the meeting and talked about next steps, the advisory board requested that we give them bi-weekly updates to track our progress on a key initiative. This takes our accountability to another level and we got what we asked for!
Thank you to INVESTyR’s Advisory Board Members!
Jeff Brown
John Moravec
Lou Abramowski
Justin Porter


Patrick Donohue

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