The Secret Weapon in Fundraising: Explainer Videos

Everyone is always looking for new and easier ways to raise capital. Whether it is for a start up or a non-profit, getting money behind a project is difficult.


Over the past few years as I have embarked on my own entrepreneurial journey to make investment capital more accessible for small business owners, we have studied and sang the praises of many platforms that make capital formation easier: AngelList, Gust, Kickstarter, IndieGoGo, LendingClub, LinkedIn and even Twitter. Fundraising is all about getting in front of the right people at the right time and social media makes it easier. But one element of our work has taken us a bit by surprise. It has become the ultimate secret weapon in fundraising.


It is often mentioned and many people tout this tool for marketing. This tool has become the must have thing when fundraising. Explainer videos.


Gust, Angellist, Kickstarter and many platforms frankly don’t work without a great 2 minute video. Two years ago as we built our INVESTyR curriculum, video was something we just mentioned. Today it is a must have. Entrepreneurs and small business owners need to know how to create a memorable short video. I think video has gotten a bad rap because there are many stories of people spending $5,000+ on a short video only to have it underutilized.


Today short videos can easily be made for free and professional services are roughly $1,000 per finished minute. There are many tricks to making cost effective videos. Not sure where to start? Take our course on The Quick and Dirty on Videos that Move Money – start learning TODAY while it’s Free.

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