Kickstarter Spotlight of the Week

Twig the Fairy Storybook: Featuring Goblins and a Unicorn


To kick off our series of ‘Kickstarter Spotlight of the Week’, we’re going to introduce you to a local campaign coming right out of our home in the Twin Cities. It’s titled, Twig the Fairy Storybook: Featuring Goblins and a Unicorn. Twig the Fairy has established herself as a glittery icon at festivals all across the United States. With this campaign, Twig has already surpassed her funding goal of $15,000 within one week of being published! As I write this, 12 days are left to go, and she is on pace to hopefully double her goal.


Within 30 seconds of looking at her page, I could guarantee that it would be successful. There are a few reasons for this:


1. Amazing, high quality video
2. Social media presence
3. Compelling story and pledge rewards



The creative team behind Twig the Fairy Storybook: Featuring Goblins and a Unicorn are well seasoned, marketing and ideation consultants based out of CoCoMSP, a collaborative workspace in downtown Minneapolis. By doing an excellent job of playing to her fan base, Twig and Co. have been able to leverage her brand and push it into new distribution channels.


If you’re compelled by the story of Twig the Fairy, join in on the excitement by tossing a few Glitter Bombs and pledge to support this campaign!


Jason Martin

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