Kickstarter Spotlight of the Week: Spark

This week’s Kickstarter Spotlight of the Week goes to another up and coming Minneapolis startup, Spark. Spark is providing the power to upgrade your lights with Wi-Fi and apps by Spark Devices. Having found an unmet need when growing up with his father who is deaf, Zack found a way to solve his family’s problem of trying to contact his father on his phone. Instead of accepting his father’s cell phone dilemma, Zack had a light bulb go off. No, really.





Zack thought of syncing the power of the smartphone to any ordinary household light bulb. The Spark device is technically a Wi-Fi enabled light bulb that can be communicated to via smartphone. But it’s much more than that. Yes, you can control the light by switching it on and off with a click, but like Zack says, “they’ve already created The Clapper for that.” What makes Spark the most interesting is the RESTful API built in that gives developers the ability to modify light progression from Twitter notifications, alerts for customer support to even displaying the daily movement of the stock market.





Instead of waiting for things to magically appear and hope for someone to find a solution, Zack used his entrepreneurial spirit and took things into his own hands. He had begun building the prototype almost a year ago and immediately saw the potential of his creation. After 11 months of amazing progress, Zack and his team are rockin’ Kickstarter and are ⅓ of the way to their goal of $250,000. Rather than buying a gift card for someone this holiday season that will never be used, gift the gift of light, help Team Spark make a difference with this technology and pledge today!




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