I Changed My Mind About Twitter

“Silly”….”Waste of time”… and so on. I was in that camp a few years ago. As Twitter started to gain appeal beyond early adopters, I kept thinking to myself: “why would anyone care about a public SMS message?”. So like any cold-blooded entrepreneur, I had to figure it out myself. And I have never looked back.


After getting over the anxiety of sending the first couple of public tweets, I settled in and started following people and reading what everyone was talking about.


Then, major world events such as uprisings and natural disasters opened my eyes to the power of the platform. I found myself tuning into Twitter and getting a better story than any traditional news channel could offer. Plus, it seemed more accurate and real-time. Twitter skeptic turned believer.


So taking my new found Twitter insights into my sandbox – finance – I am paying close attention to how this platform can be influential to the movement of money in business.


Two things move money in business: Trust and Emotion. Twitter is an ideal platform for business owners to build trust and use emotional hooks to their advantage.

Twitter is a must-have arrow in everyone’s fundraising quiver. Not sure why? Come learn from us – we guarantee your satisfaction.

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