Udemy Course: Fundraising With AngelList and Gust

AngelList is becoming one of the best ways on the internet for entrepreneurs to showcase their startup and for investors to source dealflow. It was started in 2009 by Naval and Nivi who are the founders of the ever popular blog, VentureHacks. To this day, AngelList has seen massive success. With nearly 40 startups on AngelList that have been acquired, two have raised series C rounds, 18 series B, 109 series A, and 868 have now raised seed capital.



Acclerate Raising Capital with AngelList


















If you are or have ever worked on a startup you understand that you need to move fast. This can be a challenging task especially since you typically have limited resources. Here’s where AngelList comes into play. Once you create a startup profile on their site, you’re exposing your startup to thousands of potential investors.



The most important aspects of your startup profile page that investors are going to look at are the management team, traction, product and social proof. These are not things to breeze over because you only get one chance to make an impression. In our Udemy course released today, we guide you from the first step of creating your profile to setting terms and closing a deal.
After you’ve published, be prepared to take intros and pitch your business to investors. It’s a new communication platform for startups and investors to talk through their company needs in hopes to get funded. Like AngelList Co-founder Navali says in a recent article with the NY Times, “If some small start-ups fail along the way, and many undoubtedly will, that is no reason for concern, Mr. Ravikant said. “What is the harm if a bunch of rich, old people are writing checks to a bunch of young kids to go build start-ups and pursue their dreams and maybe create the next Twitter?”


Head on over and check out our module, Fundraising With AngelList and Gust!


Jason Martin

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