Get Going!

TubingEvery DealTeam we work with at some point says “we’re overwhelmed. There is so much to do!”


Yes entrepreneurship is hard and the heat is on when you are in need of capital. Many accomplished business people say fundraising is the most difficult task of starting a company because you need to balance it with building the business.


DealTeams often want to have a “better pitch, better financial model, etc.” The best way to deal with it? Go! Go pitch. Every pitch is a practice. Constantly make it better. The goal is to constantly make it better, not to put it on a pedestal someday.


Fail forward. Get out there and show people what you have, be proud of it, get their feedback and make improvements. If you wait for that magical day when all of your materials are “investor worthy”, you will have already failed before starting.


So we have created a free pitch clinic for entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs from 3:00 to 5:00 every third Tuesday of the Month at CoCo Minneapolis. Register Here



Patrick Donohue

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