Finding Investors is Easy

Yes, easy. Long gone are the days of secret rolodexes (that was a “technology” back in the day to index business cards that was famous for its rolling feature to view the cards). Sure there are people that are off-the-grid, but the real investors that are investing in startups and small businesses are mostly public figures.


Why are angel investors public? Real investors want to be found because they have a fiduciary responsibility to themselves, and often to others, to find the best investments. Investing is done on a global scale today and a robust network is not enough to compete on a global scale. The best investors don’t let artificial barriers get in the way like geography or referral sources. The best investors are seeking conversations with visionaries that can change the world and build a powerful economic engine along the way. Real investors want to find and talk to the next Jeff Bezos, Steve Jobs and Matt Mullenweg. Today that can only be done by being identified and approachable online.


Real investors have websites and are active on social networks. Yes they want to find the signal in the noise. So be the signal. Be a thought leader. Articulate your vision. And investors will not only be easy to find, they will also be easy to open up dialogues with.


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