Do You Have the Right Person in Charge?

Do you know who your leader is on the deal team? Do they realize they’re in charge?




















A great leader on your deal team should:



1. Multitask building the product while executing their deal road map


2. Motivate the team with the soon-to-be influx of cash and resources


3. Be able to strategize the plan 30, 60, 90, and 180 days out


4. Have the title of CEO and accept responsibility for any and all issues


5. Find a lead investor who can ‘rally the troops’


6. Explain to the potential investors, deal team, and employees how the money will be used


7. Celebrate small victories with the team


8. Articulate a powerful story of the company vision and ‘why’ statement


9. Have a strong network of entrepreneurial peers that have previously been funded


10. Be persistent and understand how to learn from countless ‘No’ meetings



Are there any other items you think should be added to this list?






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