Accelerate Raising Capital with Twitter


By this time, with all the attention in the news and current events, I’m assuming you’ve probably heard of Twitter. In the last five years, Twitter has amassed itself as the world’s best way to share and receive instant information. With over 500 million users, it has been proven as a valuable way to send and receive instant information.


If you’re an entrepreneur who has never been interested in sending out a tweet or one who can’t stop starting fires on your smartphone keyboard because you send so many, we’ve got something for you. With today’s official launch of our first Startup Play, “How to Accelerate Raising Capital with Twitter” I’m going to explain how it can help you raise money for your business just by having a strategy with your tweets.


Twitter has an audience that’s more than just teenagers following Justin Bieber or businesses shoving shameless promos in your face.  There’s a strong presence of tech entrepreneurs and angel/VC investors. Now I don’t have any official numbers for this, but I’ve heard something along the lines of 15% of entrepreneurs have had some sort of dialogue with an investor on Twitter. This number can be significantly higher with the right course of action.


In our Startup Play, we teach you things from branding your Twitter profile to seeking and engaging investors. Within 3 weeks you will be primed and ready to reach out to potential suitors for your business. Check out the Startup Play here, “How to Accelerate Raising Capital with Twitter”


Jason Martin

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