Agile Pitching

Agile Pitching is a term we use frequently at INVESTyR. Agile Pitching is the process of constantly revising and refining your pitch.


Agile Pitching provides two valuable components:


1) Promotes a continuous feedback loop


2) Strengthens and polishes key messaging


Entrepreneurs tend to fall in love with an idea and it becomes their baby. They huddle up at a coffee shop and crank out code on “game changing” products that will “change the world”. By the time they are ready to “go public”, the opportunity has passed and they come to find out that nobody understands their business opportunity. Entrepreneurs can suffer from perpetual paralysis by analysis.


INVESTyR hosts monthly pitch sessions “for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs”, because we believe that talking about your idea, even before it is built, is crucial to understanding and validating the potential of the opportunity. The insights that come out of conversations with peers can shape a business for the better and save precious time.


When we hear a startup is in ‘stealth mode’ it makes us cringe. Why can’t the entrepreneur talk about what they’re building? Is their mad scientist, basement dwelling approach really going achieve their vision? Probably not. Entrepreneurship is hard, and business owners need continuous feedback loops to save them from the landmines along their journey.


Agile Pitching is the key to success.


Learn more with our new course “Agile Pitching: It’s More than Just a Pitch Deck


Jason Martin


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