A Sense of Self in the Fundraising Process

“I struggle with Who you Are” was the feedback I aired to a DealTeam practicing a pitch. “I have to feel YOU – Why are YOU doing this (business)”, I continued. It gave me flashbacks to high school when I did my first and only play. “Working” by Studs Terkel. I digress…
Intersubjectivity Theory. Here we go again. Psychology is sneaking in all the time in the fundraising process. Stick with me. Knowing the subject of intersubjectivity will give your business longevity.
Intersubjectivity is the psychological relation between people. Or for the rest of us, it is how we think and react to one another. At its core, it is an unconscious process. These unconscious scripts dictate how we organize and process data to determine how we fit in the world.




Why should you care? Because this is that glue that allows you to bond with some people and not with others. When you know what this is, you have a better shot at connecting emotionally with more people. And when you are fundraising, you need all the help you can get.
A sense of self is the human condition. It is a developmental process. A person’s sense of self is how they see themselves and see their role in the world around them.
When you are meeting with investors, make every effort to bond emotionally. Find those personal connections. Connect the dots. Get the other party to see themselves as a part of your team.
A VC famously said, “I only invest in companies that I can see myself being a co-founder of”.
In your next big meeting, be conscious about the unconscious processes at work in the other party. Help them discover how they fit in your world.
Patrick Donohue

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