5 Ways to Train Your Mind : Eliminate Short Term Thinking



These days, it’s a common theme for entrepreneurs to get caught up in the daily grind of a startup. This causes them to lose focus on the company’s purpose and the goal they’re ultimately trying to achieve. These are five ways to train your mind to think big picture and break out of your short term, tunnel-vision mindset.


1. Learn to delegate. You can’t do everything yourself. Put trust in your team and give team members responsibilities that emphasize their strengths.
2. Tackle the biggest problems first. Don’t look at ALL your emails first thing in morning. You just had a great nights rest, why use all your energy immediately on tedious, over-information that will clutter your head?
3. Eliminate to-do lists. Many successful entrepreneurs just write 2-3 tasks on a sticky note the night before work. Then they just focus on getting those things done and anything else is seen as a win.
4. Take breaks! According to the New York Times, studies show that focused work intervals combined with frequent breaks will amount to greater productivity.
5. Understand your ‘Why’ statement. You’re going to face many highs and lows, but to keep a level head you’ll have to realize you can’t do this overnight. Think backwards from what you want to see accomplished and choose the milestones that get you to that point.


Forget all the entrepreneur stereotypes of having to overwork- it doesn’t make sense to go 80 mph in a 30 if you’re not making the right decisions. Start to implement these tips and forget the rest! Eliminate the clutter in your startup life and enable serendipity.



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